Yolanda Reyes

 The Dispatching of Dante 

 We knew each other many times before
 You called me your little whore 
 Then Screamed I'm not a homo anymore
 But you are my paramour 
 I would reply

 We were very sly
 Touching each others thigh
 Longing to gratify 
 The urge to strangle,via our necktie 

 All those whom we'd shanghai
 Would cry,
 Let out a final sigh,
 And then die
 Sorry but their time was nigh.

 I can not lie,falsify, or vilify 
 I'd mollify, rectify 
 You told me goodbye
 I found a new guy
 You said not to pry 
 O my how things have gone awry 
 I did not mean to imply
 I will do what you say I will comply
 Started to spy
 Evolved to vie 
 Then to terrify, on to mortify 
 Now I die.



The Dispatching of Dante 

Requiem for San Francisco is a partial study of Salvador Dali's The Hallucinogenic Toreador. Salvador Dali is Yolanda's favorite painter. This painting depicts the artists life in San Francisco in 2015. The Death of her first service dog Mazatl, the ending of her marriage, to the dramatic change in San Francisco with the arrival of the Tech Industry. Requiem for San Francisco mourns all the changes surrounding the Bay Area, of the piece Yolanda says, "The City has changed, and she has changed me."



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