West Coast Exhibitions: 

Bold Expression  October 3-29 2017 @
Reclaiming The Earth ends June 24th 2017


Tlayelpaquiliztli"The Filthy Happiness"
January - July 2016 @
Smaller Footprints
January - April 2016 @  
Fiestas Fridas San FranciscoDecember 2015 
Sacramento PrideArt Pavilion 2013-15
LaFamila Festival 2015
PrideArtMix 2014 @
Life in Color October 2013  
TheShow’s Proudly Erotic June 2013 

     East Coast Exhibitions: 
​Reflections 2016  March-April 2017   @                                       Baton Rouge, La
Eyes Wide Open May 2006
Aids Awareness April 2006
The Freak Show March 2006
The New Years Bash January 2006
Requiem for a Scene December 2005

Cultivating the mastery of such a medium has taken her over 15 years. Having little patience in life, painting in oils with no additives has allowed her the opportunity to practice patience. 


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Yolanda Reyes Fine Artist

Creating on 300 - 500 lbs cold press, this medium houses: Life in Color, The Era of the Dead Series, and Copulations, Inoculations and Ostentations, an unbound book of experiences that have made a lasting impression on the artist.                       

Yolanda also enjoys volunteering her abilities behind the camera on other projects, And is in the pre-production stages of her next Non-Fiction piece.                      

1414 21st street Sacramento CA

Yolanda Reyes

Permanent Displays




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Oil Paint


   Team Yay from Life in Color, is a body of 20 watercolors created from 2010-15 in watercolor on 400 lbs cold press. Life in Color represents the artist’s therapeutic response to challenges such as disability, recovery and housing/food insecurities. 
   The Tonalpohualli is a 260 day system broken up into 20 periods of 13 days (trecenas) This was a religious calendar, which priests used to find the luckiest days for various activities. The Tonalpohualli years didn't coincide with the seasons, they “wandered”.This calendar is one of 3 and it is suggested that it is based on the term of human pregnancy which is close to 260 days.
   Xochipili the Flower Prince is the god of flowers, pleasure and artistic creativity who governs the day Ozomahtli (Monkey) twin to Xochiquetzal.  Xochiquetzal is Flower Feather goddess of flowers, love, and beauty. She is the patron of artists and the ruler of the last day of the trecena Cuauhtli (Eagle) she is often displayed surrounded by flowers, butterflies and accompanied by hummingbirds or an ocelotl (Jaguar). Tezcatlipoca’s nagual, Chalchihuihtotolin (Turkey), cleanses us of contamination, helps us overcome our fate and absolve us from guilt. Xolotl, a canine, is the double of Quetzalcoatl who is associated with Venus and identified with sickness and physical deformity. Xolotl accompanied Questzalcoatl to Mictlan the Nahuatl underworld. There the two retrieved bones from the previous world Nahui Atl (Sun of Water) to create the present world Nahui Ollin (Sun of Movement).

From Commercial and Advertising photography to Fine Art and Alternative Processes, this medium has allowed the creation of pieces painting could never compare to. The endless possibilities in a darkroom continue to inspire her.