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Yolanda Reyes


December 6th 2006 Yolanda was involved in a car accident, requiring many epidurals, multiple back surgeries and years of isolation while she recovered. As her mobility declined, she found herself able to explore the vast World of Warcraft. During 2008 she produced a music video to Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. ​Unable  to create cinematically in the Analog World due to disability, in the Digital World, disability was a mute point and did not hinder her ability to create. While a student in 2010 at Academy of Art she produced the following informational video for                 Active Learning Foundation.

Series of 3 Alka Seltzer Adds, Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Mixer and Production Lighting Supervisor. Filmed in 2009 for eightCinematic Films San Francisco, Ca